Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA)

Advantech's mobile clinical assistant (MICA), based on the Intel� mobile clinical assistant (MCA) reference architecture, brings to market the value of hospital workflow, ethnographic research, studies and extensive consultation with healthcare professionals done by Intel� that led to mobile MCA's purpose-built reference platform. To streamline medication administration and charting, the MCA reference design integrates technologies that support the “rights” of patient care and hospital workflow: right patient, right time, right medication, right dosage, and right route. This new category of mobile computing solution for healthcare has earned support from clinicians and nursing staff around the world.

  • MICA-071


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    Pocket Pad is a 7" medical-grade handheld mobile computing platform designed especially for use in mobile healthcare and medical equipment applications. It delivers high-performance with an Intel® Atom™ processor Z series processor. Pocket Pad, with P-cap multi-touch display, has an IP54-rated enclosure providing control ...

  • MICA-101


    The new MICA-101 has the same integrated features and ergonomic design as its predecessor, but the new release has been enhanced to provide better imagery, faster storage, and better power, making it even more robust. MICA-101 mobile clinical assistant is suitable for EMR, HER, and Nursing Information Systems (NIS). It is ...

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MICA-101-F21-C2E10.4" Fanless Mobile Clinical Assistant