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Providing High Bandwidth and Power for IP Surveillance Cameras

Case Studies By Advantech | 7/5/2016
The System Integrator (SI) in Norway chose Advantech’s industrial switch EKI-7710E-2CPI because the interface includes eight 10/100 RJ-45 and support IEEE 802.3 af/at Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Fast Ethernet ports + two Gigabit Copper/SFP (Small Form Pluggable) fiber combo ports. The EKI-7710E-2CPI is a full managed industrial switch with wide operating temperature from -40 to +75°C. Each of the Ethernet ports (ports1~8) provides up to 30W power to connected devices. That eliminated the need to run dedicated power lines to the camera locations. Also the EKI-7710E-2CPI supports POE port monitoring and configuration. Administrators can monitor the power consumption and voltage, temperature, etc... from the managed interface.

Never Miss Glance

  • Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things

    WhitePaper 5/10/2016
    Learn how IoT methodologies can be used in conjunction with wireless technology to gather field data and to publish the information to those who need it most.
  • IoT Wireless I/O Module: WISE-4000 series Product Demo, Advantech(EN)

    Video Advantech | 3/7/2016
    Advantech's new generation of remote I/O & sensing devices bring an IT oriented spirit to the market. With the advanced concepts of data A-P-P, data Acquisition, data Processing to data Publishing, fulfilling mobile monitoring and controlling needs under an IoT framework. Broad adoptability h...
  • A Healthy Life Starts with a Healthy Home

    Industry Focus Advantech | 1/2/2016
    In previous articles we’ve discussed how the interiors of offices can be made more hospitable and healthy with the installation of plants, better lighting, scrubbed air and so on. But little thought is given to our own homes.
  • Data Acquisition with the Cloud and Mobile Devices

    WhitePaper 12/3/2015
    IoT and the Cloud make it possible for sensors to be everywhere, for data storage to be anywhere, and, through the use of mobile devices, control and display of data to be anywhere as well. 
  • Implications for Li-Fi in Factories and the IoT

    Industry Focus Advantech | 11/27/2015
    As more industrial premises are switching onto the idea of using packet data to send and receive information around their factories, and warehouses, they also getting switched onto the idea of using wireless systems. The trouble is that Wi-Fi isn’t always a viable solution: ...
  • Intelligent Building Automation System and Energy Saving Solution

    Case Studies Advantech | 11/16/2015
    One of the most difficult problems facing the world is conserving energy in buildings. However, it is not easy to have a cost-effective solution to reduce energy usage in a building. One solution for saving energy is to implement an intelligent building automation system (BAS) which can be controlle...
  • Advantech WebAccess 8.1 Webinar

    Video Advantech | 11/9/2015
    WebAccess, as the cornerstone of Advantech’s IoT solutions, is the world’s first HMI/SCADA software based on web browser, which means that the user can implement configuration and monitoring control via an IE browser and that the software provides powerful networking capabilities. With A...
  • Green Factory IT

    Video Advantech | 10/8/2015
    Title: Green Factory IT
    Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and Facilities. We will also discuss about what are the European Union restrictions and directions for companies in this matter? Does EU...
  • Build ‘em faster - New House Building Methods

    Industry Focus Advantech | 7/17/2015
    Before robots take over our lives and make all of us redundant we’ll have to go through a transition period in which machines make and assemble things in a much quicker way before finally being assembled by people.
  • Enabling IoT & Industry 4.0 with WISE PaaS and WebAccess+ Alliance

    Video Advantech | 5/31/2015
    Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance aims for cooperating closely with Advantech's partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries and achieving a Win-Win partnership with the whole industry.
  • [Application Video] iAutomation Application Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/30/2015
    Advantech offers different application solutions with WebAccess, get more ideas :
  • [Application Video] Power & Energy Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech supplies high quality and solution-ready products for the Power and Energy Automation Industry. There are three categories of products: Energy Computers, Energy Controllers and Energy Data Acquisition modules
  • [Application Video] Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech offers Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Solution
  • [Application Video] Building Automation & BEMS Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech offers web-enabled and browser-based components which allow engineers to be much more flexible and to easily control. And offers iBuilding Solution to creat more beautiful life.
  • [Application Video] Intelligent Transportation Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Transportation systems aim at providing communications and technology that allow safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and environment
  • Power Saving Homes

    Industry Focus Advantech | 5/22/2015
    As the planet gets more crowded homes are going to get smaller. In cities this is likely to mean that tower blocks will get taller and more apartments will be crowded into the same space. In less densely populated areas, where zoning laws restrict the height of buildings compact homes are becoming m...
  • Another Brick on the Wall

    Industry Focus Advantech | 5/22/2015
    All around the world we are continually told about the benefits of moving away from fossil fuel based power to more environmentally friendly methods of generating energy. Installing solar panels on our properties is perhaps the most practical since they are relatively easy to install on roofs. This...
  • Will the Internet of Things Give Us Back Time?

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4/9/2015
    Ever since the Industrial Revolution and the invention of labor saving devices, we have been sold the idea that our inherent laziness will be rewarded with more free time. Vacuum cleaners saved hours of beating rugs, washing machines saved hours of scrubbing and the Internet has saved us many hours...
  • Clone : Evolving HMI/SCADA Software to HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Video Advantech | 3/12/2015
    Advantech WebAccess 8.0, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, provides users with a cross-platform, cross-browser data access experience and a user interface based on HTML5 technology. With WebAccess, users can build an information management platform and improve the effectiveness of verti...
  • Evolving HMI/SCADA Software to HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Video Advantech | 3/12/2015
    Advantech WebAccess 8.0, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, provides users with a cross-platform, cross-browser data access experience and a user interface based on HTML5 technology. With WebAccess, users can build an information management platform and improve the effectiveness of verti...
  • I See the Light - Advanced lighting building technology

    Industry Focus advantech | 3/3/2015
    Lighting systems in offices account for around 30~40% of the building’s energy consumption, so anything that can be done to reduce the load is of benefit. Luckily the latest technology can help save the bills. 
  • Wired for Sound

    Industry Focus Advantech | 2/26/2015
    Most of us take it for granted that we can walk around and find where we need to go and buy what we need to, without assistance. It’s something as sighted individuals we don’t really think about. But if you can’t see, going to new places, outside of the usual locations is a challen...
  • Reading the way

    Industry Focus Advantech | 2/19/2015
    There’s a lot of talk about making things smarter using electronic gadgetry. We have in our lives electric replacements for just about everything, only to find that sometimes the old ways were the best. Your electric coffee maker is gathering dust since a component snapped and now you’ve...
  • Wear in the World?

    Industry Focus Advantech | 2/4/2015
    Wearable tech is the latest thing to get us to part with our hard earned cash. No longer are mobile phones the best way to send and receive messages and monitor how far we walk, now we’re being sold watches and wristbands that will monitor our pulses, footsteps and how much we move during our...
  • Convenience Store Energy Saving Application by Advantech WebAccess

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/12/2015
    Since electricity costs keep on rising, the bills for convenience stores keep on increasing and unfortunately it’s difficult for them to raise their prices to maintain the same profit margins. Variable overheads are difficult to budget for and give accountants a headache, therefore one conveni...
  • Building Automation Systems

    As part of Building Management system, Advantech Building Automation systems helps intelligent buildings to increase energy efficiency and energy saving. It offers web-enabled and browser-based components to allow engineers to be much more flexible and to easily control equipments in building automation systems. WebAccess ...
  • Computer On Modules

    Advantech Computer On Module series include: COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, ETX, and Qseven, all Design-In Services support in various small form factors while supporting CPUs ranging from Intel 6th Gen and ATOM. Advanced design-in service COM solutions: COM-Express Basic /COM-Express Compact /...
  • 3.5" Single Board Computers

    Advantech’s 3.5” single board computers (SBCs) measure 146 x 102 mm and are the most popular embedded form factor defined by Advantech. These SBCs offer scalable x86 performance for 4-W devices up to Intel® Core™ i7 platforms and feature rich I/O, high flexibility, a fanless slim design, extended temperature options, and ...
  • Industrial Motherboards

    Advantech industrial motherboard series range from Mini-ITX Motherboard, Micro ATX to ATX form factor boards. These industrial motherboard series are built with standard form factors which allow customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility concerns. Commercial motherboards typically have a short life-cycle, so ...
  • All-in-one Service Touch Computers

    Advantech UTC series are all-in-one service touch computers, equipped with powerful Intel® processor, fanless system, and multi-touch screen to deliver high-performance computing in a compact size. UTC series offers industrial-grade reliability, extendable functionality, multiple OS support, and flexible mounting ...
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